How can I connect my domain to my webspace?

If you want to connect your domain to your webspace you have to enter the IP-address of your webhosting in the DNS-settings.

To find out the IP- address, we have to follow a few steps:

  • Login into Plesk.
  • Create the desired domain.
  • In the overview you can see the IP-address of your webhosting.
  • Have a look into the DNS-settings of your domain provider.
  • Create an A-Record without any name and paste the IP address in the content.
  • Create another A-Record with the name * (asterisk) and paste the IP address in the content.
IP-address of the subscription.

It could take up to 24 hours until your domain is connected to the webspace package. Usually you can add SSL-Certificates immediately.

Please notice that it is possible that you may receive different IP-addresses for new domains in Plesk.

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