How will the credit get payed out?

As soon as you generated an affiliate credit of 15€ you can request a payout.

The only possible way to pay out the generated credit is to transfer it to your own credit account at prepaid hoster.

– But we are already working on ways to pay out via paypal or bank transfer.

How does the affiliate tracking work?

Our internal analytic programm ”Violytics” saves the information that were given to the browser. That shows when a potential customer is at our website through your affiliate link.

This information will get transfered to our shopping cart system to assign the order to an affiliate account. This process is automated.

The data details will get saved as an ”LocalStorage” entry. (no usage of cookies!)

Violitcs session ID: Unique analytics-ID will be handed over in case of an order.

utm_source: If the ”source” is affiliate, the order will get transferred to the affiliate system automatically.

utm_term: The affiliate ID of the advertiser is saved in this query parameter in order to be able to allocate the order.

utm_time: Timestamp of the last call thru the affiliate link.

How long is the attribution period?

The order of a client which got generated due to the affiliate link will get assigned to the corresponding affiliate account up to 60 days after the click.

Can conversions get tracked across different devices?

No. An order can just be confirmed to the right affiliate account if the click and the fill in of the order form has been done in the same browser.

What is a conversion?

If a user orders something after clicking the affiliate link of yours – within the attribution period –  our management system will get a notification about it.

In that case – you have received a conversion throughout the affiliate system!

We differentiate between unconfirmed conversions, confirmed conversions and canceled conversions.

Unconfirmed conversion

Immediately after the order, your mediated purchase will get stored as an unconfirmed conversion. An unconfirmed won’t be added to your earned credit yet. If the order won’t get canceled or returned after 15 days, the unconfirmed conversion will get converted into a confirmed one.

Confirmed conversion

It will get converted into a confirmed conversion 15 days after the order has been placed. That’s where the credit earned is noted to the list of transactions that could get paid out. You can request it then – as soon as the minimum of payment amount is reached.

Canceled conversion

A conversion counts as canceled if there is an accomplished termination within 15 days. With this mechanism we make sure that a transaction cannot be used multiple times to pay out affiliate credits.

If you still have questions regarding the affiliate system, please contact our support.

Which partner levels are existing?

Every customer can be part of the affiliate program! No matter the generated revenue. For this we’ve got different levels.

Community Partner

The Community level is the lowest level of them. This is the level you are automatically assigned to, as soon as you enter the program by activating it in the client area. You are staying in this level up to an order rate of 15 conversions per month. You can use your own affiliate-link in every kind of advertising. You will receive fair commission conditions.

Premium Partner

As soon as you get more than 30 order conversions within 30 days – you can upgrade your level in the webinterface to the next and highest one, the “Premium Partner” level. Thereby your provision commission will get elevated. We can negotiate special actions like giveaways or extra discount codes via customer support.

Which comission do I get?

For every order through your affiliate-link, you will get a proportional commission. This is based on the sales volume of the order.


A customer buys a server for 6,12€ including a discount code. The conversion value would be 6,12€. Because it’s a KVM server, you will get a conversion at our community partner-program which amounts 25%. So you would have a 1,53€ comission.

There are two partner classes with different comission amounts:

Community Partner

Cloud Server20%
KVM Server25%
Provisionsraten für Community Partner

Premium Partner

Ab 15 Bestellungen pro Monat erhältst Du folgende Konditionen

Cloud Server40%
KVM Server45%
Provisionsraten für Premium Partner

When is the just ordered service available?

In principle our motto is: Simply charge and get started right away! (ger: Einfach aufladen und sofort loslegen!). So if you order a service out of our webshop, it will be provided ordinarily within a few minutes. This includes our webhosting services and virtual servers.

Because of different points we can provide some services only delayed. That is for products like domains (more information can be found in the matching FAQ-article and dedicated servers (provided within 24 hours). So please don’t be surprised if it takes a bit longer than expected. This could also happen if there are many unforeseen orders so we have to set up a new server to handle the demand.

If your order isn’t available after twenty minutes we recommend to check the order status in the client area. If you can’t see anything there you can contact the support of course!

I’m unhappy with the support

If you’re unhappy with our support you should firstly tell us via the ticket system. Here you describe in detail what’s wrong with the support you received and what we could have done better. As we all know we learn out of mistakes – that means our supporters can also learn out of your feedback. Please also notice that our supporters are already well experienced and usually know what they respond in the support requests.

Of course there can always be days on which our supporters have much to do – so they could not take enough care of your request to your satisfaction.

Optional there is the possibility of contacting the operative management by sending an e-mail to the following address:

We will surely answer you!

How do I open a support ticket?

You want to contact us? That’s no problem – in the following article we show you how.

– I already have an account:

If you already got an account at prepaid hoster you can log in into our webinterface with your access data. Within the panel „#pphstatus“ you can easily click on “Open ticket” (german: Ticket öffnen) and you will get redirected to the form.

It’s important that you give as much details as possible to receive a timely, correct and precise answer from us.

Usually we are responding quite fast. But please understand if it’s taking a bit longer. We are also just humans.

Don’t open a second ticket regarding the already known question of yours by asking about the processing status. It’s just more and especially unnecessary effort. In addition it ensures that you and the other customers have to wait even longer for an answer.

– I’m not a customer yet

If you aren’t a customer and don’t have any account at prepaid hoster – you can surely still contact us. Therefore you have different opportunities:

  • You can create an account and follow the instructions above.
  • You can send us an e-mail at – Also here we need accurate details about your question or problem.
  • You could also contact us on twitter ( – we are going to respond as soon as possible. If we are also following you – you can just send us a direct message.

Can I pay my service later?

We already give our clients a big flexibility in terms of our prepaid system – that’s why there often appears the question of paying later for a server or service.

In principle, the rule is as follows: You will receive an invoice for the renewal seven days before the service expires. Then you will have three days to pay the bill with your credit. If there is still credit on your credit account at the time of invoicing, this will automatically be used to settle the invoice.

If the bill is still unpaid on the evening of the last day, the service will be locked but not deleted!

Every service except of dedicated servers and domains will go into a transition period of about six days. Your server won’t be reachable during this state, but your data is not lost yet.

So if you don’t have the money on time, you can just pay a bit delayed without any circumstances. After you settled the bill your server will get approved instantly so you can utilize it again immediately – of course with your data.

But be careful! After these six days your server or service – and along this – all your data will get extinguished. Then even a data recovery is because of data protection and technical terms not possible anymore.

If you know that you’re not able to pay punctual please let us know with the assistance of our ticket system. In this case we won’t delete the data after these six days.

Remember that this service is not available for dedicated servers or domains.