Can I order additional IP adresses?

For every dedicated server you can order multiple IP-addresses via our support. You can order a maximum of 6 single IPs. It is also possible to use subnets.

Single IP-adress2.50€
/29-IP subnet (6 usable IPs)20.00€
/28-IP subnet (14 usable IPs)40.00€
/27-IP subnet (30 usable IPs)80.00€
one-off setup fee per ip address:28.50€
Pricetable for dedicated server IP addresses

Please notice that we have to know your purpose of use for additional IP-addresses. If we think it isn’t useful we can reject the order. That is the case if through intelligent port usage the same result can be done. So write your purpose directly in the support ticket.

How can I shut down my dedicated server?

A dedicated server can’t be managed as easy as a virtual server. A virtual server is able to start quickly because it is part of a physical system.

Dedicated servers have to support special motherboard-commands so they can get remotely started. Not every motherboard of our dedicated servers are supporting this. That’s why you shouldn’t shut down a dedicated server at all. We may have to send a technician to start the server manually. This can take some time.

If you have shut down your server by accident – feel free to contact our support.

Which operating systems can I use?

In the webinterface you can install the following operating systems:

  • Arch Linux latest minimal
  • CentOS 7.8 minimal
  • CentOS 8.2 minimal
  • Debian 10.4 LAMP
  • Debian 10.4 minimal
  • Debian 9.12 minimal
  • Ubuntu 16.04.5 LTS minimal
  • Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS minimal
  • Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS Nextcloud
  • Ubuntu 20.04 LTS minimal

With the rescue system proxmox can also get installed. Please make sure, that your processor is able to command virtualization. You can get further information from our support. You can also install windows server on your dedicated server.

When will my ordered dedicated server be available?

Usually your dedicated server will be available in less than 15 minutes. We automated the provisioning but if there went anything wrong at the payment or automated deployment it could take a little longer.

As soon as the server is available, the IP-address can be seen in the webinterface. Then you can equip your server with an operating system.

Feel free to contact our support if the deployment takes longer – so we can give you information about the order status.

What is the load? (Load-Average)

The load shows how much work a Linux operating system had to handle within 1, 5 and 15 minutes. The load basically consists of CPU, RAM and hard drive work – but there are also some more factors.

In general it is like this:

The load is ”1” if the core is fully occupied with tasks and can’t handle any more live task – so every value above 1 means that there is a queue waiting to be processed.

But if you have two cores a value above 2 is a indication for the processing queue. Which also means that the tasks can’t get live executed.

You can see the load of your server using the command ”uptime”. The last 3 values are showing the Load-Average. If the values are higher than the cores of the server it is overloaded. Then you should definitely think about an upgrade of your resources.

In case you still have questions about this topic – please contact our support.

Can I install windows on my dedicated server?

To say it directly: Yes, but this installation will be done for you by one of our technician within 24 hours.

Process of the windows installation

Sadly the installation of windows can’t get provided automatically. That’s why we have to connect a KVM console to the server. We will over take the installation part for you – this service is for free.

The following windows server can be installed:

  • Windows server 2012
  • Windows server 2016
  • Windows server 2019

We equip your Windows server with a 180-day trial license. After this period of time you have to take care of proper license yourself.

What we are doing in terms of installing:

  • Basic installation of ”server standard core” with GUI
  • Format all hard drives
  • Installation on the hard drive ”0”
  • Setting the password – as specified in the webinterface
  • activation of remotedesktop
  • deactivating of the additional IE security settings

This process will take about 20-30 minutes after arriving of the console. The console is usually ~1 hour after requesting connected by a technician.

In the ticket support we will keep you up to date about the current steps.

I paid with the credit card but the money hasn’t arrived!

We have to make sure that credit card payments are legitimate payments. That’s why we set up rules to avoid a deceit. The payment will get checked by one of our employees – this usually won’t take longer than a few hours.

What happens if the payment gets accepted?

The following must be observed:

  • We will credit the value of the deposit to your account
  • If you have ordered a service, please repeat the order

Why does my payment has a higher risk?

The following credit card payments will get checked manually:

  • Payments, which can’t be assigned to an IP-address due to the data protection settings
  • Payments, carried out with a VPN connection
  • Payments with unusual parameters
  • Payments with an increased risk factor

If you have any other question or your credit card payment hasn’t arrived in you account after multiple hours, please contact our support.