What’s the meaning of a premium domain?

A domain can only get registered if they aren’t already owned by any other one.

Sometimes there’s the case that you may be excited as your wanted domain is set on ”available”. But that’s not particularly true – often we have to cancel orders like this.

Premium Domain

A premium domain has a high price difference compared to normal domains. For example “fast.download” – this domain is not belonging to anyone – but you could also not buy it for a normal price. That’s because of its simplicity. For cases like this there is an intern list of words which can’t be used in domains that easy.

Register a premium domain

Sadly it is not technically possible to recognize such a premium domain in advance. If you have tried to register a premium domain, we have to cancel the process and will give you the money back as credit on you account.

We can also check how expensive your domain would be – but you should also be prepared for at least a three-digit amount. If you still have any questions regarding premium domains please let us know!

Connecting a domain to Minecraft

Here is a short guide about how to connect your own domain to your Minecraft-server:

  • Log in into your webinterface and choose your domain at the taskbar on the right.
  • Click on DNS-Settings.
  • Click on the button ” + new SRV entry”.
  • Now you choose Minecraft as your service.
  • Fill in the following fields:
    • Subdomain: You can either fill in your subdomain or keep the field empty. – If you fill in nothing you can connect your domain without any prefixed subdomain.
    • IP: Enter the address (domain or IP) of your Minecraft server. Without port.
  • Target-port: Enter the Port of the Minecraft-server. Default: 25565
  • Now save your form.
Connect a domain to Minecraft

How can I cancel a domain?

It’s not necessary to separately cancel a domain. If the bill of the domain won’t be paid, it will be cancelled automatically.

But if you want to quit the domain instantly, you can request it in your webinterface. You can also do that shortly before the domain expires to feel extra safe.

All you have to do is click on ”Domains” and on ”manage domains” (-> dt. ”Domains verwalten”).

Active domain list

The active domain listing gives you several options. Click on the corresponding row the remove symbol to open a form.

Domain cancel form

Fill in the form and send it off – the cancellation will be queued for the next midnight.

Please notice: A domain cancellation is permanent – the domain can’t be registered again for 30-60 days after the day of cancellation.

How can I change the nameserver?

If you have heard about domains the word, ”nameserver” shouldn’t be new to you. A domain needs at least two nameservers to work.

What is a nameserver?

A nameserver answers DNS-requests to a domain. There are also different types of nameservers.

Authoritative nameserver

The authoritative nameserver is the responsible one for domains. For example: if you order a domain at prepaid hoster – we will set our 3 kramer-dns.de server as the authoritative nameserver. That’s going to be the main-nameserver for your ordered domain. All DNS records will be stored in here.

Recursive nameserver

A recursive is treated as equivalent to a cache-nameserver. To avoid a domain server from suffering of requests – another nameserver from your internet provider will be interposed to cache the requests. The most known nameservers are Google DNS ( and Cloudflare DNS ( – but they can’t be used as a nameserver for domains.

Changing the domain nameserver

Log in into our webinterface and navigate to the list of domains. Then click at the ”Nameserver” button of the domain you want to transfer to another nameserver.

Then click at ”edit” (german: “Editieren”) to set a new nameserver. A form will open – please note the authoritative nameserver you want to set in there.

Changing nameserver form

If you click now on ”next” (german: ”Weiter”) Vionity will check other name servers based on the NS-entries in the entered server and will recommend you to set them.

If the nameserver isn’t reachable, not answering or doesn’t know your domain the process failed.

Set and use recognized name servers

With a final click on ”set these nameservers” (german: ”Diese Nameserver setzen”) your changes will be transferred to our registrar. This can take some minutes but will continue processing in the background.

Your nameserver should be active within the next 24 hours.

Glue Records

If you need a glue record please contact our support. You will only need them if you know what they are. To set these, we need the nameserver domain as well as the according IP-addresses. We will set this for you as soon as possible.

My domain is ”locked”, how can I change this?

If your domain has the status ”locked” it couldn’t get transferred from one registrar to another. After some time this status is set automatically to avoid abusive transfers.

Please notify our support if you want to change the status to ”active”. That’s required if you want to transfer a domain – we will handle this for you then. Please also notice that the status can change automatically back to ”locked” after a few days.

Don’t worry, we won’t prevent you from transferring your domain – we will answer your ticket as soon as we can.

How can I connect my domain to my webspace?

If you want to connect your domain to your webspace you have to enter the IP-address of your webhosting in the DNS-settings.

To find out the IP- address, we have to follow a few steps:

  • Login into Plesk.
  • Create the desired domain.
  • In the overview you can see the IP-address of your webhosting.
  • Have a look into the DNS-settings of your domain provider.
  • Create an A-Record without any name and paste the IP address in the content.
  • Create another A-Record with the name * (asterisk) and paste the IP address in the content.
IP-address of the subscription.

It could take up to 24 hours until your domain is connected to the webspace package. Usually you can add SSL-Certificates immediately.

Please notice that it is possible that you may receive different IP-addresses for new domains in Plesk.

How can I connect to my server using FTP?

In this article we show you easily how to connect to your vServer via FTP/SFTP.

First – FTP/SFTP has to be installed with SSH because it isn’t installed by default.

Step by step instructions to your SFTP-server

  • Open FileZilla and enter the serveraddress (IP-address of your server) – in the field ”server” which can be seen in the Quickconnect-strip.
  • Now you fill in your username. You could use the default ”root” username.
  • The next step is entering your password that you received from us via email. If you have already changed the root password – you need to enter the new one.
  • Type in the port number – this has to be port 22 in terms of SFTP-connections.
  • Click on connect or push your enter key to connect to the server.
  • Ultimately click on ok if you receive a warning regarding an unknown host-key.

Now you can browse through your files on the vServer – as well as upload, download or manage your files.

Installing a (real) FTP-server using the SSH console

An FTP server can be installed on Debian and Ubuntu using apt-get install proftpd. Please make sure to perform apt-get update before you start the installation to be able to install the newest version and rule out any security problems.

Windows Remote Desktop: Create user

If Windows is installed on your server, multiple users can work with it at the same time. But for that it’s needed to create a new user and activate the Remote-Desktop service (RDP).

Quick guide

  • Create user
  • Set password
  • unlock this user for RDP
  • login via RDP

In this article we explain step by step how a new user can use the windows server via remote.

Create a new user

Open the start menu and click on ”settings” – in the following window you click on ”accounts”. Click on ”other users” – there you can find a big ”add” button.

The user management opens. Do a right-click on ”user” and choose ”new user”.

Now you have to fill in the form. It’s important that username and password are set. Other fields can get filled in at will.

Create user (Windows server 2016)

Activate remote desktop for the new user

The new user is registered in the system – so you can now activate the remote desktop.

Do a right click on the windows logo in the bottom left corner of your taskbar. Then click the entry ”system”. In the opening dialogue you choose ”Remotesettings”.

Now we are clicking the ”select users” field. A list of users will appear – the admin is set as unlocked to RDP by default. If we click the ”add” button – a search dialogue opens. In the big field you have to search for the newly created user and click on ”ok”.

Ultimately you have to confirm the upcoming dialogue-fields.

Login via remote desktop

The login is a little tricky because you have to enter the format ”computername/username”. Otherwise the user can’t get identified and the password will be shown as incorrect. You can find the computer name in the ”system” window that is still open. To make it easier note the characters.

Login with the computer- and username

In our case the users full name would be 03887-23782\Mike. If the password you enter is correct – the new user is logged in.

Can I order additional IP adresses?

For every dedicated server you can order multiple IP-addresses via our support. You can order a maximum of 6 single IPs. It is also possible to use subnets.

Single IP-address2.50€
/29-IP subnet (6 usable IPs)20.00€
/28-IP subnet (14 usable IPs)40.00€
/27-IP subnet (30 usable IPs)80.00€
one-off setup fee per ip address:28.50€
Pricetable for dedicated server IP addresses

Please notice that we have to know your purpose of use for additional IP-addresses. If we think it isn’t useful we can reject the order. That is the case if through intelligent port usage the same result can be done. So write your purpose directly in the support ticket.